Playful learning with tradition

With flannel board stories, the learning adventure begins in earnest. This playful journey encourages development that is both broad and deep, specifically addressing children from 1 to 9 years old. Experience and knowledge passed down through generations have proved how important aural narrative tradition is in enabling everyone to communicate in daily life on equal terms. Everyone is seen, heard and recognised as a unique individual with important values.

The colourful, intuitive flannel board stories offer a wide scope for the children’s own thoughts and reflections. As an educationalist, you decide yourself when, where and how you want to share this experience with the children since the flannel board story as a teaching aid is both clear and very easy to use. A wide range of familiar classics has been combined with other stories produced in-house. No matter which story you choose, you are always ensured the highest quality and colourful designs. Many years of experience and educational practice make Flano Design AB a unique supplier of high-quality fairy tales and stories that stimulate the mind and inspire children in a playful, educational manner.

Absorbing knowledge
As a contrast to today’s computerised society, flannel board stories build on human biological prerequisites. We are aware of how our brain works, and we know how important the pace, choice of words and methodology are for language development in children. This is what Flano Design has taken as its mission.

When colours, shapes, words and images come together in a playful manner, educational products take on a new dimension. Through active participation in the story, children develop knowledge and learn to interact. This is where a creative, productive and long-term foundation is created to encourage linguistic development and improve understanding of new situations and unknown futures. When all our senses are stimulated and the imagination is allowed to roam freely, new doors open up and we gain new perspectives.

No matter who you are, whatever your background, interests, skills, talents, dreams and needs, you can always adapt the flannel board story to your individual situation. As an educationalist, you get an inspiring method with clear guidance and tangible tools to meet the course plan goals of language development in children at both pre-school and primary school level. Playful learning with tradition is doubly satisfying since the heart and brain are working together.