The woman behind Flano Design

”Flano Design is an embodiment of my own conviction. In the narrative environment, everyone can participate on equal terms, and with my creativity and educational experience I am privileged to contribute to the success of future generations. With the flannel board stories and the supplementary products, I can live and breathe my passion, while delivering products that I truly believe in. The playful learning that builds on tradition is doubly satisfying since the heart and brain are working together. ”

Production and creative workshop
All our own stories are hand-painted by Eva Kvillner in her studio. Every picture sheet is supported by an impressive educational past and allows the creative work to roam freely. Carefully, responsibly and pedagogically prepared, yet with the aim that the vibrant colours and attractive figures will create inspiration, spread warmth, joy and humour in the learning process.

“Because I have worked for many years at pre-school level, I know the challenges that educators face,” explains Eva. This is why customers can rest assured when they purchase educational products from Flano Design. We know our products, we have the necessary experience and skills, and we really care about all the generations.”

Support materials for increased fulfilment of objectives
The support material for educationalists, our own stories, familiar classic fairy tales, alphabet cards and attractive bags to hold the products are all produced with the same loving care, affection and personal commitment. Many years of experience and educational practice make Flano Design AB a unique supplier of high-quality fairy tales and educational products that stimulate the mind and inspire children in a playful, educational manner.

All the products have been designed to support the professional work of educationalists with the overall aim of contributing to fulfilling the course plan requirements.

“In many ways we are very flexible, but when it comes to quality we refuse to compromise,” says CEO Eva Kvillner. “When the heart and brain are working together, the outcome simply becomes so much better.”